A Special Message to Jogger

Some people have the ability to "jog" your memory,  but there are a special few who seem to be able to "jog" it an incredible amount of the time.  This page is dedicated to a  person who has many gifts and abilities to share with the world...and to help make the world a better place..

Dear Jogger,

For a very long time you have been afflicted and harassed by this thing we call panic.

You have been through torturous emotional nightmares that have been impossible to explain to other people.

Many times you felt like you were down and out and there was no hope left -- no light at the end of this dark lonely tunnel.

But just as you were born without this panic, your life is about to shift and change.

As you refuse to pay attention to this beguiling panic -- this twisted, lying, devious, mind-tricking condition -- you will start to get better.

Every time and every moment you refuse to go down panic's torturous mind game pathway, the stronger you will grow and the more panic will have to back down.

Panic has absolutely no power to use against you if you call its bluff.

Don't ever believe it.  It has lied to you shamelessly for years and years and years.

And if you believe it, it will keep you trapped, entombed, and immobile forever.

But now you know better.  You know which pathways lead to health and happiness.

You know that taking your attention away from those torturous mind games and the fear they engender will allow you to move peacefully toward your health, happiness, and healing.

This is your time.  This is your moment to become better, to focus on health, strength, and peace.

You know that your peace cannot co-exist with that lying panic.

Peace is already deeply rooted in your brain.  You have already felt the glimmers and the power of it.

Those old on-the-surface issues that always tear you down are fueled and fired by that lying panic.

Those old overthinking issues are anathema to your being.  They are poison to your healing; they are poison to your strength; they are poison to your very existence.

Those old torturous, mind game tricks must be stopped and laid to rest in the graveyard where they rightfully belong.  As you continue to stop them, and refuse to give in to their incessant whining and the vicious, fearful cycle they try to trap you in, the weaker and weaker they will grow.

Stop this overthinking and you stop the torturous panic.

Panic has no power over you.  It is a lying bully that uses these old issues to trap and torture you.

You do not have to allow this.  You have the power to stand up to these bullying thoughts.

As you stand, the bullies scurry away, their tails tucked tightly between their legs.

You have already won this victory.  You have already defeated this liar we call panic.

I am waiting for the day that you fully and completely comprehend this fact.

You were born with many special and unique talents that no one else on the face of this earth can duplicate.

You are unique -- and your mission in life, which has been dark and hazy, is beginning to sparkle and glow with crystal clarity.

But your healing must come first.

This is your time.  Today is the day.  Nothing can stand in the way of your healing.

Peace, tranquility, strength, empowerment, happiness, contentment and joy are yours as you peacefully step into your new role.

Like you, your mission in life is very special.......and it is a mission that only you can fully comprehend and fulfill.

Your beacon will shine into places that now are dark and scary...but you will make them bright.

Unlike the man with the ten talents in the parable, you will take your ten talents and they will very naturally and nicely grow exponentially.

The feelings of connection grow as I type these words.  It is finally time to believe and trust in the truth.

It is time to reject those pathological lies and those unhealthy pathways and thoughts.

It is time to deliberately move toward the light.

Your strength and power will grow as your mind and your heart head into the light.

Panic has lied and lied and lied.  It has tripped you up and plays all sorts of mind games that you can never win.  Don't play those games.  Don't go in that direction.  Head toward the peace and the light.

These new pathways will never fail you.  You can feel it already.  The dawning of the day has become full daylight now.

It is too late to stop now.  Panic's lies and deceptions have no power over you anymore.

Your contentment, peace, power, and healing grow stronger every day.  You are there.  Now you gently and neatly snowball into the joy that was planned and meant for you.......

Don't let anything hold you back.  You're not even aware that people are on your side, pulling for you....

Accept the peace, the healing, the recovery...one day, you will be on the other side helping other people....


Note:  Several years after writing this message to "Jogger", he called on the phone to report that he was no longer experiencing panic attacks.  He had already moved past that point, and panic was a thing of the past.  Wherever he is, I expect that he is helping others.   

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